“Based on my research. I am convinced that Olive Leaf (and extracts) is destined to become the most useful, wide spectrum herbal ingredient of the 21 st century.” Dr. Morton Walker "Olive Leaf Extract" (1997)
Hydroxytyrosol induces antioxidant/detoxificant enzymes and Nrf2 translocation via extracellular regulated kinases and phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase/protein kinase B pathways in HepG2 cells. "In conclusion, together with the inherent radical scavenging activity of Hydroxytyrosol, our results provide an additional mechanism of action to prevent oxidative stress damage through the modulation of signalling pathways involved in antioxidant/detoxifying enzymes regulation". Mol Nutr Food Res. 2010 Feb 17
Antioxidant and 'immune system' activities of individual and combined phenolics inOlea europaea leaf extract Department of Biomedical Science, CHA University, Seongnam 463-836, Republic of Korea (Accepted 15 December 2009)
Antioxidant capacity of 55 medicinal herbs traditionally used to treat the urinary system: a comparison using a sequential three-solvent extraction process. "The highest radical-scavenging activity was found in Olea europaea (olive leaf)" J Altern Complement Med.2007 Jan-Feb;13(1):103-9.
Dried leaf extract of Olea europaea ameliorates islet-directed autoimmunity in mice British Journal of Nutrition Cambridge University Press (Accepted November 11 2009) 2009 Dec 22:1-12.
Food supplementation with an olive (Olea europaea L.) leaf extract reduces blood pressure in borderline hypertensive monozygotic twins. "Concluding, the study confirmed the antihypertensive and cholesterol-lowering action of EFLA943 (olive leaf extract) in humans". Phytother Res. 2008 Sep;22(9):1239-42.
Anti-*** activity of olive leaf extract (OLE) and modulation of host cell gene expression by *** infection and OLE treatment "We find that OLE inhibits acute infection and cell-to-cell transmission..." Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Volume 307, Issue 4, 8 August 2003, Pages 1029-1037

Olive Leaf Extract Effects on Blood Pressure
Natural Products Association Description, Dosage, and References for Olive Leaf
HerbMed List of Studies on Olive Leaf List of Articles
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 "Hiya Olivus I'm back to order more tea from you and wanted to say thanks for such a great product. Early this week I started to feel the winter virus crap coming on in my chest and pulled out some of your tea. I had 2 cups Monday, tues and wed, and took a capsule each day as well. I am feeling great today with easy breathing and lots of energy. I'm buying more tea and some extract as well, keep up the good work!" Bob B."I have been taking olive life capsules and drinking olive leaf tea for about a year. Since then, I have not had any colds and generally feel much better. In the past, if someone looked at me and had a cold, I would get it. I just ordered an additional 3 lbs of loose leaf tea for the winter hoping that it will keep me healthy. Especially this year with all the attention on H1N1 Flu bug. Thanks for a great product." Bill M.

"I love your tea. It truly is a God send. I am using the lotion as well and
my acne is practically gone. My blemishes are fading. I have been dealing with this condition for many years now and i have finally found the miracle cure that works from the inside out. Thank you Olivus!!! Oh and lest i forget - No colds for me this season." :) Banke O

"I have increased energy and improved health." Troy P.

"My recovery rate after physical exertion has improved." Russell (age 68).

"My health has greatly improved even in this short time - no sinusitis or lung infections and my energy levels are great." Sandra

"As long as I have olive leaf in my diet I feel good. A capsule or tea along with a multivitamin at least a few days a week and I feel better, seem to have more energy and enthusiasm. I don’t get sick any more. Your brand is good." William

"Just wanted to thank you received my order in 2 days. More importantly I love love love your tea, love love love the soap , and love love the extract!!! Have taken lots of natural products very high quality products and I personally think yours are right at the top. so glad I stumbled across your site. Have only taken for a few days and already noticing more energy with intermittent spells of flu symptoms that only last awhile." Carol L.


"Thanks for the recent shipment of tea - I tried the tea today and I can say that as *very picky* tea drinkers (we pretty much stick to really high quality Japanese green tea), the taste of this Olive Leaf tea is very good. A refreshing change from our normal beverage of choice! One question, is there any of that Oleur... something... whatever the chemical found in Olive Leaves is that is good for us ... found in olives themselves?" Just curious.... Jackie
Hi Jackie, That is Oleuropein you inquire about and the answer is no, the leaching process removes this compound from the olive fruit. Olivus Team

"I have enough energy at the end of the week to enjoy the weekend!" Dianne

"I've tested it twice by stopping taking it and each time my problems have returned and I get fatigued easily. Then I start taking it again and I pick up." D.H.

"Goodbye sore throat!" Jo-Anne

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