Olive Leaf Tea
Olive leaf tea is unique and tastes like nothing else. A light steeping delivers a satisfying mellow flavor. Longer steeping or brewing in a tea press creates a stronger infusion with a more bitter taste that can be mellowed with a slice of fresh lemon, stevia, honey, milk, sugar and other herbal flavorings.

Olive leaf can be combined with other herbs/teas/supplements to create flavorful, healthful blends. Many of our customers find varying the delivery method of olive leaf is a good way to keep it in the diet. Our bodies are constantly metabolizing our intake so remember consistency is the best bet for any dietary supplement.

A word about water: Water is of course a key component to good tea. Fresh or spring water is best, or filtered tap water if possible. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to let the water cool to approximately 185 degrees (212 is boiling). Too hot water will "burn" olive leaf lowering the antioxidant polyphenol count while creating a bitter flavor. Allow olive leaf to steep 3-8 minutes depending on the strength you desire.

Olive Leaf for Children and Pets
We often get questions regarding the use of olive leaf for children and pets.
Olive leaf is safe for children and is commonly used to build immunity, fight cold/flu viruses, control hypertensive activity, calm allergies and digestive challenges. Use about half the adult dosage Powder, capsules and elixir are the recommended products.

Animals are bombarded by many of the same conditions affecting humans and often benefit from the introduction of olive leaf and extracts to their diet. Dogs, cats and horses are the most common recipients of olive leaf powder and/or tincture extract mixed in with food. Mix in with peanut butter or other pet favorite food. Powder up to 1/2 teaspoon per 40 pounds animal weight. See olive leaf and Pets page

Preparation Instructions
Olivus® Cut Loose Leaf tea ( Serve hot or chilled)

Place one heaping teaspoon (10-15g) per cup of water in a tea ball or herb sack. Drop tea ball into water after bringing it to a boil then letting it cool for one minute, let tea steep five to ten minutes. Stir tea occasionally, remove tea ball to drink and/or refrigerate. Tea should be a medium amber color.

Olivus ® Olive Leaf Tea Bags
Pour hot water over tea bag directly into drinking cup. Allow to steep for 3-6 minutes and enjoy. Tea bags can be brewed like the loose leaf or sun tea for larger quantities, four tea bags per quart.

Olivus ® Olive Leaf Powder
Pure Olivus powder is a great way to get olive leaf into your diet. Use olive leaf powder as powdered tea (Asian style), in blended drinks or as a cooking ingredient. Place a tablespoon in your favorite smoothie, on yogurt, ice cream, in pancakes, cookies, in a casserole recipe & more. Can be used in shampoos and conditioners for scalp health.
As a hand/foot soak: place 3-5 teaspoons of olive leaf powder in a basin with 1-2 gallons of hot water to create an anti-fungal soak, 15-30 minutes.
Can be used to introduce olive leaf to animal (cat/dog/horse) food. 1/4 teaspoon per 40# animal weight. Olive leaf for pet care

Olivus ® Olive Leaf Capsules
Take 1-2 olive leaf capsules per day for preventative effect or up to three capsules per day while fighting specific conditions.
It is recommended that OliveLeafMAX (1-2 per day) capsules be taken on an empty stomach at least two hours apart from the prescription drugs.

Olivus ® Olive Leaf Extract Liquid Drops
Take 1-2 droppers full for preventative care or while fighting specific conditions.
Olive leaf extracts may be taken with prescription drugs without any problems. However, it is recommended that herbal extracts to be taken on an empty stomach at least two hours apart from the prescription drugs.

For Pets
Many animals respond well to olive leaf in their diet. It's excellent against fungal, viral, and bacterial attacks. Recommended to use olive leaf powder (1/4 teaspoon used per 40 pounds animal weight), or one to two opened capsules or half a dropper of liquid olive leaf extract in pets food daily.

Olive Leaf Tea Recipes
Super Crock Brew - High-strength

Place 8 ounces (half of a one-pound bag) of dried olive leaves (use olea europaea species only) in a 5 or 6 quart Crock-Pot. Add one gallon of filtered or distilled water. Turn heat on low. 6 hours later, check the temperature with a candy thermometer (from your hardware store). When the temperature falls between a range of 175° to 185°, move cover off center about 1/4 inch so some heat escapes. This should stabilize the temperature for the next 5 hours. The ideal temperature range to make the tea is at least 175° but not more than 185° Fahrenheit. At the 11th hour, add water lost through evaporation until it returns to its original level. Center cover so no more heat escapes and leave on low for one more hour. The total time to make the tea is 12 hours. Let is cool for 2 to 4 hours, then strain and store in glass bottles in a refrigerator until used. Discard what is not used within two weeks. Also, discard sooner if a film of mold appears in the jar. A lab test by Irvine Labs using the HPLC method showed 213 mg of oleuropein per 1/2 cup of this homemade formula.

Lemon Balm Honey Surprise - 1/2 cup fresh Lemon Balm leaves, 1/4 cup Olivus Olive Leaf, honey to taste, water 1. Bring water to a roaring boil. Pour over Lemon Balm an Olivus leaves in a large plastic bowl. 2. Let cool, strain out leaves then pour into your favorite pitcher 3. Add honey to taste (some like it sweet, some don't) 4. Refrigerate and serve in glasses with ice cubes and a sprig of fresh lemon balm for decoration.(what's the surprise? people will be surprised at how much they'll love it!)

Orange Mint Nectar - 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves, 1/4 cup Olivus Olive Leaf, 1 cup orange juice, sugar or honey to taste 1. Bring water to a roaring boil. Pour over Mint leaves in a large plastic bowl. Let steep until cool. (15-20) minutes. 2. Strain out leaves and pour into your favorite pitcher, mix in the orange juice and add sugar or honey to taste. 3. Refrigerate and serve in tall glasses with ice cubes and orange zest or mint leaf as decoration. 4. For a really special occasion, wet the rim of your glasses with water and roll in sugar before filling.

Blackberry Leaf/Raspberry Herb Tea - The dried mature leaves of these brambles make a great tea. Use these herbs to help control diarrhea, as a blood purifier and tonic. Mix with olive leaf for a healthful and tasty blend.

Peppermint Herb Tea - Easily grown the Peppermint leaf is a true refresher. Fresh herb leaves can be crushed and steeped for herb tea or you can dry them and use them in your tea. Very good for digestion. Excellent after-dinner tea. Mixed with olive leaf herb, it makes for a delightful blend.

Feel Good Tea - to encourage a feeling of well-being - 3 parts Lemon balm herb, 2 parts Olivus Olive Leaf, 1 part Lavender flowers, 1 part Rose petals, 1 part Spearmint leaf, 1 part St. Johns Wort, 1 part Marjoram, Vanilla Honey to taste - Mix the above herbs and flowers in a bowl. Store in a glass jar and label. To prepare use 1 to 2 teaspoons of herb per cup. Pour hot water over herbs and allow to steep for 3 to 8 minutes. Flavor with honey or lemon if desired. Drink up to three cups per day.

No Worries Herb Tea - relaxing blend for stress - 2 parts Chamomile flowers, 2 parts Olivus Olive Leaf, 2 parts Lemon balm herb, 1 part Catnip herb, 1 part Lavender flowers, 1 part Peppermint leaf, 1 part Rose petals, 1 part Lemongrass (optional) a pinch of nutmeg to taste, Vanilla Honey (optional) - Combine the dried herbs, flowers, and spices in a glass jar. Label. To prepare one cup of herbal tea, use 1 to 2 teaspoons per cup of hot water. Steep for 3 to 8 minutes.

An article about olive leaf tea preparation and benefits can be read on the Georgia Olive Growers Association website.
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