Canadians Can Purchase Natural Health Products from USA (and Olivus)

Essentially, Canadians can order product from any foreign country and that product does have to be reviewed and licensed by Health Canada and the importation requirements mentioned above do not have to be met. There are, however, five firm rules. 
  1. One, the customer is only permitted to import (per shipment) a 90 day or less supply based on the directions of use. 
  2. Two, the product must be for that individual’s own use, and not for resale. 
  3. Three, it must be shipped directly to the end user, and not a commercial establishment. 
  4. Four, there can be no Canadian intermediary (such as a broker or salesperson). 
  5. Five, it cannot contain any Schedule F (prescription) ingredients.
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Olivus ships to Canada using the US postal service and Fedex. The US postal service and Canadian postal service work together to deliver products direct to Canadian consumer's homes for an affordable rate compared to comparable olive leaf products licensed by Health Canada. Delivery time is 2 weeks for most parts of Canada. Fedex has faster delivery but more expensive. Costs can be calculated on our checkout page automatically after entering the shipping address.
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