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Olive Leaf In the News

New Zealand Woman Obsessed with Olives
"She's written a thesis on the healing properties of the olive tree, produced a cookbook and traveled the olive-growing world in pursuit of knowledge. Now, by her own admission, Melser is "obsessed"read more...

Irish Times Asks: Does It Work?

"Patients were randomly assigned to either olive leaf extract or captopril, a medication for high blood pressure. Blood pressure was reduced by the same amount in each group. The olive leaf group also had a beneficial lowering of cholesterol levels, which wasn’t seen in the captopril more...

Customer Testimonies

 Hi, Ive never invested in the stock market but your product is worth investing in if you were. I just can not get over the fact that your product works. Where are the orthopedic doctors? They ought to be on board with you! (Of course, we both know anything that takes away from THEIR income, they will not support) Im thinking of buying the big bottle next month, not just for myself but for other benefits for my husband. Thank you again for being there!
Judie H.

God bless you! Just wanted to share that your product has changed my life! I have fibromyalgia and I have much more energy, less pain and am more focused and less forgetful.
Patti W.

I am writing to say that after only a week and a half of taking olive leaf extract i am so surprised that my night sweats and hot flushes have been so mild that i dont realize they are happening...have not changed anything in my diet just started taking olive leaf extract... never expected this at all... very surprised...Regards.
Viv G.

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