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Unscented Olive Leaf Soap
Olive Leaf Bar Soap - Unscented

Unscented Olive Leaf Soap

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3.75 oz Bar Made with Organic Ingredients and Olive Leaf Extract
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Feature: Net Wt. 3.75 oz (106g) each
Feature: Made with Certified Organic ingredients
Feature: Unscented for sensitive skin or skin alergies
New unscented olive leaf bar soap made with Olive Oil, Organic olive leaf powder, and Olive Leaf Extract. There are no scented essential oils or other ingredients added.

Unscented Olivus olive leaf soap is made for the most sensitive kin types and for people with skin allergies. It’s zesty yet gentle cleansing helps keep your skin clean and healthy.

Olivus soap has a nearly neutral PH, other soaps commonly have a PH of 10 which rob your skin of protective oils and moisture. Olivus soap gives you a smooth clean wash without any oily feel or residual filmy feel. Olive leaf extract and powder are our "not so secret" secret ingredients that your skin will adore. Olivus soap contains NO artificial fragrances or colors. Our original craftsman soap is long lasting and is guaranteed to nurture your skin while cleaning. Soap is something we use every day, YOU deserve the best with Olivus.

Ingredients: *Palm Oil *Coconut Oil and *Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, French Clay Powder, *Olive Leaf Powder, Olive Leaf Extract

*Certified Organic Ingredient. No artificial fragrance or color added.

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