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    2 oz
Olive Leaf Tincture <br>2 oz
Olive Leaf Tincture - 2 ounce bottle

Olive Leaf Tincture
2 oz

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Made from organic olive leaf
2 oz bottle
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Feature: Highly Concentrated Wide Spectrum Extract
Our large two ounce bottle packs a whollup of olive leaf power!

Each dropper full of our extracted olive leaf (olea europaea) dietary supplement is supercharged with antioxidants & free radical scavengers to maintain good health. Can be used in tea, juice, water, straight, in baking, smoothies, add to scalp/skin care products. Note: extract contains alcohol and should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers unless under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

Enjoy olive leaf extract for its health, energy and cardiovascular properties. Employ the olive Tree of Health as a scientifically proven immune system booster. Olivus is a powerful antioxidant and free-radical scavenger.

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