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Olive Leaf Tea  - 100 tea bags
Olive Leaf Tea - 100 Tea Bags - Certified Organic

Olive Leaf Tea - 100 tea bags

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Bulk package of 100 tea bags (sachets) 2 gms each - Great Value
Product ID: olt-100
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Feature: TIC:40030
Feature: Certified Organic Olive Leaf Tea
Feature: 2.0 grams per pouch
Feature: Olive Leaf is grown in and imported from Spain
Feature: Certified Organic by CCOF according to USDA and ECO standards
Enjoy the natural flavor of olive leaf tea and its healthful benefits. Olive leaf tea (Olea europaea) has all the benefits of olive leaf supplements plus it contains No caffeine! The taste is actually surprisingly pleasant (unlike our liquid olive leaf tincture) most similarly compared to a green tea. 

Olivus olive leaf tea bags contain 2g each. This 100 pack comes in an air-tight resealable bag. Raw leaf is imported from Spain and milled and packaged here in the U.S.A. We use only certified organic olive leaf, testing and documenting all raw materials for each batch made. Use tea bags individually or in combination with other teas, herbs or flavorings. Tea bags can be used for individual cups of hot tea, or as iced tea (4-6 bags per quart).

Buy this bulk 100 pack for big savings.

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