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Fresh Olive Leaf Liquid Extract 4.5 oz (glycerine base)
Fresh Olive Leaf Liquid Extract - 4.5 ounce bottle

Fresh Olive Leaf Liquid Extract 4.5 oz (glycerine base)

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Made with fresh picked organic olive leaf 4.5 oz bottle (Glycerine base)
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Feature: Made with freshly picked olive leaf
Feature: Glycerine based product has a five year shelf life
Feature: Recommended Servings: 2 teaspoons for adults (1 for children)
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Olive leaf liquid extract in a glycerine base. 4.5 ounce (133 ml) bottle size.

Why is Olivus Extract different?
Our new liquid extract contains fresh olive leaf picked from California olive orchards. By using fresh leaf extraction, studies have shown the leaf (and therefore the extract) contains a greater percentage of healthful compounds such as oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, oleanolic acid, tyrosol, and other polyphenols.

This is a whole herb extract with no standardization for oleuropein or any other constituent of olive leaf. Oleuropein content can vary from batch to batch. Therefore, we do not publish the oleuropein content. Whole herb extracts are recommended by many nutrition experts for containing a wider spectrum of herb constituents.

This product is recommended for young children too small to swallow capsules. There is a residual amount of alcohol (approximately 1%) from the extraction process but is considered safe so long as there are no allergic reactions to olive leaf. 

ORAC value of olive leaf

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