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Fresh Olive Leaf Extract 4.5 oz (non-alcoholic)
Fresh Olive Leaf Liquid Extract - 4.5 ounce bottle

Fresh Olive Leaf Extract 4.5 oz (non-alcoholic)

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Made from fresh organic olive leaf 4.5 oz bottle (non-alcoholic)
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Feature: Made with freshly picked olive leaf
Feature: Glycerine based product (non-alcoholic)*
Feature: Recommended Servings: 2 teaspoons for adults (1 for children)
The secret to our new and improved FRESH olive leaf Extract is the taste. We've revised the extraction process to remove most of the bitterness. Manuca honey is no longer added as a sweetener. Great for kids as well as adults because it is also an alcohol free product. The days of bribing your child to swallow are gone!
Why is Olivus Extract different?
Our new liquid extract is made from fresh olive leaf picked from California olive orchards. By using fresh leaf extraction, studies have shown the leaf (and therefore the extract) contains a greater percentage of healthful compounds such as oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, oleonolic acid, tyrosol, and other polyphenols.
Fans of our Elixir product will be thrilled with this one as well. The two products are different enough that we decided to market this as a new product with a new name, yet similar enough that we discontinued the older and more bitter Elixir.
ORAC value of olive leaf
Fresh olive leaf

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