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Fall 2017

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Tea Sale:

Loose leaf tea is on sale just in time for you to prepare for cold and flu season. Now to December 31st you can get 4 oz. of loose cut tea for $6.99 (reg. $9.99).

The Olivus Team

Olive Leaf Antioxidant Comparison

"It [Olive Leaf Tea & Extract] sure has power; particularly against viruses that are more tenacious! . . . It fills a hole that we haven't been able to fill before. It gives us a new, effective tool."

Biochemist: Arnold Takemoto

Olive Leaf In the News

Market Demand Rising for Olive Leaf Extract, Olivus a "Key Player":

Olive Leaf Extract Market 2017: Leading Players and Manufacturers Analysis: Olivus fifth largest.

See Report Summaryhere.

Effects of Oleuropein:

People have been using olive leaf for centuries because of its medicinal properties but only in the past couple hundred years have we started looking at why it works. If you've ever wondered exactly what Oleuropein does to help boost your health then check out this article from the International Journal of Molecular Science. The authors provide an organized overview of the various benefits Oleuropein provides. Great for sharing with family or friends who may still be skeptical that one supplement can provide such a wide range of benefits. Read the full article here.


Dr. Richard Becker on Olive Leaf:

Dr. Becker shares some of the benefits derived from taking olive leaf and discusses common conditions olive leaf is effective against. View the video here.


Customer Testimonies

After doing tons of research on benefits of the olive leaf I found this website. I am very fond of natural methods and love this product. I can see a difference in my body. My dog gets a sprinkle of half a capsule every couple of days too. It shrunk the random growth she had on her leg over a period of time. Thanks for a quality and safe product.

~Brittany -Texas, USA

We use the tea bags and capsules. They are wonderful and really make a difference in how you feel and helping to control BP and other awesome benefits.

~Pamela - Santa Rosa

The flu has been hitting our area hard this year, everyone around us has the flu or are struggling with lasting effects from the flu. My husband and I have been drinking the tea almost everyday and neither of us have had the flu, even with direct exposure to the virus. I enjoy the tea mixed with a little splenda and steeped about 5 minutes. My husband has his with a teaspoon of honey and steeps his for about 3 minutes. We also make it with water that is just below the boiling point, which seems to keep it from getting bitter.

~Ruth - British Columbia

Product Updates & Discounts

Certified organic loose leaf tea is on sale just in time for you to prepare for cold and flu season.

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