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Olivus olive leaf Powder - Bulk 1 Lb / 453g
Organic Olive Leaf Powder
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Olivus olive leaf Powder - Bulk 1 Lb / 453g
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Product Description
A full pound of pure Olivus powder to make tea with, include with food and beverages of your choice, or use for home capsule or extract/tincture making. With our Bulk package you will always have olive leaf powder available for yourself, friends and loved ones for preventative health maintenance and to battle bugs when they strike.

Use approximately one tablespoon per large shake or baked dish. Add to your favorite smoothie, on yogurt, on salad, ice cream, in pancakes, cookies, in a casserole recipe & more. 

Can be added to shampoos and conditioners for scalp health. As a hand/foot soak: place 3-5 teaspoons of olive leaf powder in a basin with 1-2 gallons of hot water to create an anti-fungal foot soak, 5-10 minutes.

Can be used to introduce olive leaf to pet food (cat/dog/horse). Try 1 teaspoon per 40 pounds animal weight.

Enjoy pure olive leaf powder for its health properties. Employ the sacred olive Tree (olea europaea) as a scientifically proven immune system booster. Olive leaf is a powerful antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, good for heart and health.

Feature: NOP Certified Organic
  • Antioxidant Protection (Highly Antioxidant for free radical scavenging)
  • Immune System Support (For optimal health and protection)
  • Energy Booster (Build lasting energy reserves without caffeine)
  • Cardiovascular Heart health (Hypotensive benefits)
  • Customer Reviews
    A great product!
      Of course I am taking olive leaf daily and I don't get winter colds any more. Now I am giving 1/2 tsp daily to my 6 siberian huskies as a supplement to their raw food diet. They are very healthy and active.
      Reviewed by:  Jan Bradley from Windsor Ma.. on 2/6/2014
    hepatitis b
      I ********* hepatitis b by using olive leaf pwd on my food for 3-4 days as confirmed by two blood tests both before & afterward. * (edited/censured by Olivus Team in compliance with FDA)
      Reviewed by:  Vinyasi Vinyasi from Mt Rainier. on 12/13/2013
    Olive Leaf Powder
      I've added it to drinks and it's has a great taste. I was energized all day.
      Reviewed by:  H. Shoulders from Alabama. on 11/4/2013
    Superior product
      Top marks to Olivus for their product and service. I find this olive leaf powder makes me feel better than all the other brands I have ever tried. The package is robust and the label clearly displays all the information I need. The customer service and the website buying experience is excellent, and they managed to ship my purchase to me within a few days, even though I live on the other side of the world. To top it all, this is a certified organic product of superior quality, yet it is still reasonably priced! Well done Olivus!
      Reviewed by:  Sean Conradie from Cape Town, South Africa. on 10/2/2013
    Use it in bulk powder for all my Shelties
      As a breeder of Shelties, I use this olive leaf powder along with a few other herbs as a natural supplement to their raw diet. They are healthy, strong and active.
      Reviewed by:  Linda from Newark, DE. on 9/27/2013
    Excellent Olive Leaf Powder
      high quality olive leaf powder. i like that it is organic. i put it in green smoothies, salads, raw and cooked seed breads, my chickens water, and in my cat's homemade food.
      Reviewed by:  Pamela Pollock from Eugene, OR. on 6/5/2013
    Works great
      My dog has been taking this for several months for additional immune support for a Clostridium infection, he is doing so much better without any relapses.
      Reviewed by:  Alyssa from Morongo Valley, CA. on 5/14/2013
    Love the Olive Leaf Extract podwer
      Want to thank you so much for the Olive Leaf extract products you offer. I bought the 1 LB powder. I make it into capsules and take 1 daily. I have notices overall feeling better and a very shortened stomach flu vs another family member did not take it and had a really bad bout of it at the same time. I have also noticed my nails looking better and hair...don't know if that is a normal side effect...but I like it. I is so much more economical buying it this way too :-) so glad I found you!! robin
      Reviewed by:  Robin from kansas. on 2/17/2013
    The Greatest Ever * Love this product * God bless Olivus!
      If I could rate this with more than 5 stars, I would - that's how good it is. Bought (2) 1lb. bags of the powder; (1) for my sister and hubby & (1) for me and my hubby. Customer service was A+, shipping was prompt and the quality of their product is by far THE BEST olive leaf that we have ever had and we have all tried many, many big name brands. NEVER want to go back - the power of this organic olive leaf goes right to work and has kept all our immune systems functioning really well. The product lasts a long while, is economical and I now need to come back for our second set of bags. Thanks and keep up the great work for all of us, Olivus!!!
      Reviewed by:  Taberah Carter from Elk Grove, CA. on 2/12/2013
    for dogs
      My mini-dachschunds experience "pustular dermatitis," especially on their bare tummies. The veterinary treatment for this is 10 days of antibiotics. As well as giving them olive leaf powder in their food, I use a makeup brush to apply powder to any lesions. The powder sticks to the raw tissue and heals them fast. I also steep a tablespoon of olive leaf tea in 1/2 cup olive oil and use this as an antiseptic and healing rub.
      Reviewed by:  Glenna Bonner from Ford City, PA. on 12/5/2012
    Great Product
      I have been using this product for about two years now for my horses to keep their immune system in great health since they are all in their late 20's now. They get it every day.
      Reviewed by:  Cindy from Georgia. on 11/30/2012
    Great Product
      My wife and I have been putting 1 teaspoon in our green smoothies morning and most evening for a year and a half. We have not have had colds or the flu since we added olive leaf to our routine. I purchase several bags at a time and like the heavy shipping package because it keeps the powder fresh until we open it.
      Reviewed by:  Frank Cleary from Batesville, IN. on 11/26/2012
    Fabulous for my dog
      I have a 1 year old English Labrador who seemed to catch kennel cough after every outing to Dog Beach. My family and I all take olive leaf to boost our immune system so I thought I would try it on Einstein. I add it to his food every night, and only after a short time his cough has cleared up completely. He has boundless energy and the vet said he is super healthy. I highly recommend this product for all the family, including furry ones.
      Reviewed by:  Sandra Marlor from Escondido, California. on 11/12/2012
      This great product has a wide spectrum of benefits. I decided on the powder mainly because of economics. What a good buy!! It is a little harsh so far as taste... but not really bad. Add it to juice (may be too much sugar) or other things, OR just put it in some water and BE HEALTHY! Eric from Florida
      Reviewed by:  Hamilton from Florida. on 9/24/2012
    Awsome Products!! and Service!!!
      Best Service I ever had! There was a slight problem with my order and they corrected it ASAP above and beyond! I will never buy olive products from anyone else. This is a wonderful family owned business. Your NOT calling India!! Love the products!! Leaf powder and tincture are Great! Also the skin care left my skin feeling nourished!!! Prices are great too and you can't get bulk at your local health food store any ways. They rip you off with small portion only on every thing!
      Reviewed by:  Susanna Lee from Huntersville NC. on 4/26/2012
      I have been using Olivus Olive Leaf Powder for almost a month and must say that I love it. I mix it in a protein drink each morning and I feel great. My skin looks better, my sinus problem is better and I have more energy throughout the day.
      Reviewed by:  Carole from Nashville, Tennessee. on 4/25/2012
    Olive Leaf Powder for Equine
      I raise Miniature Donkeys. In 2010, in Tennessee, we experienced a "once in a life time" flood that resulted in huge damage in Nashville, the loss of many homes and livestock. From debris flowing from the floods, we had a Miniature Donkey contract botulism. This is a very serious disorder in equine and she was saved. Many other horses in Tennessee also contracted botulism and were not so lucky. The Olive Leaf powder sprinkled on her feed has kept her healthy, energetic and she recovered to a happy full life.
      Reviewed by:  Katrina Fleener from Murfreesboro, TN. on 4/22/2012
    Helped my dogs ..
      I have 5 dogs and 2 of them had issues with constant loose stools and weight loss (was hard to keep weight on them!) The dogs were my Great Dane and my Plott Hound. They were vet checked and dewormed and nothing was found to be "wrong" with them however the loss continued and my dane was looking rather anorexic and malnurished. I started them ALL on olive leaf powder and they LOVE it my little Maltese now won't eat his food UNLESS it has some olive leaf powder on it !!! Only one dog won't eat with the olive leaf powder on his food and out of my 4 cats only one won't eat it on her food ..Over all my dogs are so much healthier - no more loose stools and weight is MUCH better !!!
      Reviewed by:  WNCmountaingirl from North Carolina. on 4/16/2012
      I did not do any purity test on it or nothing, but I noticed I felt a little better after taking it for a good two weeks straight morning noon and night. I have this rash and it helps to keep it in check. I caught a very serious flu. So I started to take this a lot and It stopped my flu faster then I thought it would, I get better faster then normal after taking this during my flu. so I would say this is a good product. though you have to use a blender to get it to mix with whatever your drinking.
      Reviewed by:  Jonathan from USA. on 4/9/2012
    Fantastic Product and Company !
      This product is really fantastic. It is great for our grand child with Autism. They put it into his protein drink every day. Having the powder makes it easier to add to his drinks. We personally give it to our dogs in the summer to keep away the heart worm. Just sprinkle over the food and they eat it down. We also give a good dose to our chickens for the added protection of other natual Organic ingredients that we give to them. We also gave the liquid Olive leaf tinature to our little poodle that had gotten bitten by something while out in the yard. We shaved the area and tried other things for 4 days without results, He was still biting and chewing at it. Once we gave him a dose of the O.L.Elixir .. with in hours he had stopped chewing on his leg.. The spot healing up with added treatment 2 x a day with in days he was just fine. Excellent products here on this site. We would not be without them. We have spread the word to all our friends and they also buy from this site and have passed the word on to their friends. We are all very pleased with the service and the friendliness and great product of this company !! We can not say enough good things about this product and Company. You cannot go wrong here folks !!
      Reviewed by:  Robert Taber from Edgewwood, New Mexico . on 4/6/2012
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