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OliveLeafMAX Capsules - Bulk 300 Ct
OliveLeafMAX Capsules - 300 count bottle

OliveLeafMAX Capsules - Bulk 300 Ct

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500 mg Capsules Made with Potent Standardized Extract (65+ mg Oleuropein Content) + Wide Spectrum Organic Powder - Great Value
Product ID: olc-Max300
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Feature: High Grade Extract (Standardized for 25% Oleuropein) Plus Organic Olive Leaf Powder
Feature: No fillers or flow agents added - capsule contents are 100% olive leaf extract and powder
Feature: 300 vegetarian capsules 500 mg each
Feature: Best Used By Date for current batch: 11/2019
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300 Capsule Bottle - Olivus® super strength OliveLeafMAX Capsules are the next generation of olive leaf supplements.
OliveLeafMAX Capsules are formulated to provide the power of 25% oleuropein extract (250 mg) and the wide spectrum qualities of olive leaf powder (250 mg) all in one vegetarian capsule.**   For high potency and wide spectrum herbal benefits choose super strength OliveLeafMAX.

Research on Olive Leaf as a herbal remedy show these benefits:
  • Potent immune system supporting formula.
  • Antioxidant & Free-Radical scavenger
  • Supports cholesterol & cardiovascular health
** Vegetarian capsule shell ingredient, hydroxpropyl methyl-cellulose (plant based), is gluten and casein free.

OliveLeafMAX capsules contain NO additives, fillers, flow agents, gluten, corn, peanut, egg, or animal product. 

Olive Leaf ORAC

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