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OliveLeafMAX (25% Oleuropein) Bulk Extract
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OliveLeafMAX (25% Oleuropein) Bulk Extract

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Powdered olive leaf extract standardized to contain 25% oleuropein
Product ID: olp-MAX8
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Feature: 8 oz container
Feature: Pure unencapsulated extract powder
1/2 pound of the same high quality powder extract used in OliveLeafMAX Capsules. You've been asking for this for years and now we are selling it as a stand alone product for those wanting to add it to their own supplements and recipes. This extract is standardized to contain 25% oleuropein.

We recommend a quarter (1/4) to half (1/2) teaspoon per day, or 500-1000 mg, which is approximately equal to the OliveLeafMAX Capsule serving size.  Many people take more when feeling ill with no side effects. This is not a drug and there is no established dose. Check with a herbal health/remedy book for further information on daily servings. For those on other medications please consult your doctor before taking.

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