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Loose Leaf Tea

The Mediterranean Diet health secret is out at Olivus. Our Olive Leaf Tea is made with pure organic olive leaf, provides a pleasant flavor, and all the healthy properties olive leaf offers: **

1. Immune System Support
      (For optimal health and protection)

2. Antioxidant Protection
      (Highly Antioxidant for free radical scavenging)

3. Energy Booster
      (Build lasting energy reserves without caffeine)
4. Cardiovascular Heart health
     (Hypotensive benefits)

Loose leaf tea is the choice of tea connoisseurs everywhere because it can be brewed to your individual desire. Our loose leaf tea can be blended with other herbs or flavorings to make your own special brew, served hot or iced.  Feel the proven results of olive leaf, supercharged with antioxidants, polyphenols, and free-radical scavengers to help the immune system prevent disease and maintain vitality.


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Olive Leaf Tea - Loose Cut Leaf 4 oz (113 gm)
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Olive Leaf Tea - Loose Cut Leaf 1 lb (453 gm)
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